Hmmm this has changed much and Im about to turn everything on its head I think. Stay tuned as I get things going agian …

Marcus, that was his name, back before…..before he did it…..They are going to try and save him HA! that’s a laugh. I don’t think nothin can save him from them or him, not anymore, he is to far gone. But they are still gona try and who knows a miracle might happen. Hell I dont belive in the gods myself but maybe they will get lucky and one of em will want to play a joke on them, him…What! your going to inform for that quack who means to defy them and get him out ! Hell I ain’t got nuthin to do with you anymore man get on outta my house and pass me my pipe…I need to sleep I need some sleepin smoke.

The Late Thomas Townsed

Sex,Drugs,and Demonic Conspiracies