Current Rumors and events

-NEG forces take down a large weapons dealer in Houston operating out in the pleasure district… Names and details have not been given but sources say that this may be one of the largest weapons bust in years and that cult activity may have been involved…

-Word on the street is that all of those weapons might just be en route to some ware other than the police station…

-Some odd people with tattoos described as “non-nazati tribal, animalistic, even evil have been spotted outside of the arcologies living in small communes and some say that a couple NEG agents have gone into these communes but never came back…Not that the NEG would admit to this or even that these Communes exist.

-A wealthy busnis man Marc Nanthorn, owner of a large chain of nightclubs witch spread across the North American continent has come up missing recently. His son Marcus, a Xenomix of only 20 is expected to take his place once he is reached on vacation…

-(rumor only gotten through military channels) Thought I saw something out in the lock down area around the Zone. Ill be dammed if 20 minutes later I didn’t see a group of …I don’t know who they where but they had clearance as researchers so we let them pass with the obvious psychotic they where caring.

Pice of the report of Commander Draken Ortay of the 5th Engle division Zone Sector 2

-Michael Drakken had been presumed dead at the age of 3 . His death was never solved and the parents, who are still alive today swear that he was dead! They saw him in the morg IDed his body even ! The NEG has started an investigation but this is only a rumor.

Current Rumors and events

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