The Hook

An add assortment of people from all walks of life is assembled outside of the Houston arcology in a secluded back wood. One by one they all show up and not one seemed to have anything to do with the next.

First the Arcane Investigator slinks in, an NEG soilder walks up next in full gear rifle in hand,One person who just had something that did not seem right about him/her.The last to the party is an Occult Scholar who the Arcane Investigator seems to know.

A person walks up as if he stepped from the night itself. His eyes where odd and transfixing. After you notice him everything but those eyes, those wicked yellow eyes blur. Your body freezes in place as he speaks. A feeling washes over you, like something is twisting your mind. Then you hear it, a voice that comes from all directions at once like wispers from the great black void of space.

“The Scions ask of you a simple task, find the greek madness within Houston.”

Slowly the eyes fade away , your mind reels from what has just transpired…....

The Hook

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